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About Us

Tasty Lip Balms with BIG personality!

✨ Plant-based / Vegan
✨ Flavors sourced from REAL food grade ingredients
✨ 100% Natural Ingredients & Cruelty-Free
✨ Packaged in BPA free tubes containing 30% less plastic
✨ Wind-powered paper packaging
✨ Family owned and operated

Meet the Brand
Bright, Fun, Colorful and Oh So Enticing - sure to stand out from the crowd! Our super creamy, long lasting Shea Butter lip balms are available in a tasty array of Classic, Fun + Adventurous flavors. With just the right amount of coat, it’s simply the perfect blend of clean, vegan/plant-based ingredients, packing a powerhouse punch of intense moisture! Our flavors are sourced from real food grade ingredients including plants, fruits and vegetables  - we never use any synthetic flavors, GMO’s, parabens or gluten! Cruelty - Free, Leaping Bunny approved, as well as Vegan Certified.

Meet the Makers
Brooklynites Edie + Brian Himmel started experimenting with delish flavored lip balms back in 2003 with one goal in mind: combining wholesome, high quality ingredients with creative, intriguing and super cool flavors. There were many 3AM experiments to craft the perfect lip balm. This quickly soon turned into our obsession! After what seemed like endless nights, we had finally done it. We were beyond elated and couldn’t wait to share our recipe with the world. Creamy butter like goodness with just the right amount of coat. And just like that, our first baby – Crazy Rumors – was born! Crazy Rumors is family owned, operated and manufactured in Atlanta, GA. US.

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